Hello Potential Adopter!

Your big day is almost here!

Let us know if you have any questions about your angel's pick up day. (ie time, place, etc.)

Please consult our Resource Page with important information to help you and your angel through his/her transition into your family.

Please buy a pet tag with your address and phone number and attach it to a secure collar before you pick him/her up. Please keep her identification tag on him/her both indoors and out. This is one of the most important safety step you can take to ensure that your angel is returned to you should she slip away from you, especially during the 1st few weeks. PETCO now carries the FIDO Pet Tag Machine. It is easy to use/inexpensive & takes only a few minutes to create your ID tag! Here is a video (one minute in duration) that shows how FIDO works! 

Introducing your current Angel to your New Angel

Please hang onto to angel's leash,  monitor all doors on your car and in your home closely. If you have a fenced yard check your gates to be sure they latch properly and for gaps along the base. 
Realize that it will take time for him/her to adjust to their new home, (usually 2-4 weeks and sometimes longer, however some dogs don’t miss a beat, you never know). He/she may require extra exercise and extra vigilance or fewer visitors to your home at first. 
Do not unleash your angel in an unsecured environment. We know this advice sounds like common sense, but we have had new adopter’s decide to “test” their new rescue dog by dropping the leash to “see” how he or she does off leash. This is simply not a risk your new dog should be exposed to during their transition period when they’re uncertain about their environment. Your new rescue dog is prone to be a flight risk. Even the most well adjusted dog can become scared by an abrupt noise or by another animal’s arrival on the scene.
Your new dog will need time to get to know her new family, build confidence and learn recall skill sets. 

Please make an appointment with your vet for your angel to be examined with the 1st 5 days of her/his adoption. It is important that you feel assured regarding what we have disclosed to you regarding his/her health status. They will come with vetting records. But, please double check with FOSTER PARENT as to the dates that your angel was last given his/her heartworm preventive and flea and tick control.
**We wanted to share an experience with a NEW Flea & Tick collar ~ Seresto. This product is by Bayer. This product is NOT required or endorsed by Angels Among Us Animal Rescue, merely a suggestion.  The positive attributes to this product are that it lasts 8 months & requires NO liquid treatments! We have 3 dogs and it has saved us money & our dogs are flea and tick free! As always, consult your Vet before using any product on your fur-baby! If you would like to learn a little more about Seresto, below is a link for your perusal & a Rebate link for the First Time purchase of Seresto**
 http://www.bayerdvm.com/show.aspx/productdetail/seresto-for-dogs  http://www.petparents.com/reminder.aspx/signin?ecid=pp:ser:broch:fubroch:vnty::33  

We have also found a product that some find to be very useful! FurCodes are Laser-Etched Aluminum, lightweight, waterproof and nearly indestructible. Anyone equipped with a Smartphone or Internet access can quickly check your pet’s tag and find out where they belong, without visiting a shelter. FurCodes place a smaller burden on the finder of a lost pet, making the likelihood of a pet returning home significantly higher!

You may want to pick up some Nature’s Miracle in case you encounter any accidents that may occur during his/her transition into your home. We even pack a small container of Nature’s Miracle when we travel with our pets, because you just never know.

Please pick up some squeaky balls, pet approved stuffed toys and bully sticks for your angel to play with and chew. Do not give him/her raw hides as they are not digestible. Bully sticks are more expensive but they are digestible. For safety, I never leave my dogs unsupervised with a bully stick or anything that they could chew to the point it could be choked on.

FOR THOSE PERSISTENT CHEWERS..here is a product that can be purchased at PETCO called Bitter Apple. It is all natural and we use it here for our pups. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about this product, we have provided the link for you!

This is a happy time for your family.
We recommend that you spend quality quiet time with your Angel in your first days together. This is the time that he/she will be forming her bond of trust with you and it is important that this process not be disrupted unnecessarily. Resist showing him/her off to your friends for a few days.

Please remember to activate Your Angel's Microchip. It takes just a few minutes to enter the Identification number into the database. 
This is NOT required, it is simply a safety measure.
Should anything happen (puppy is lost) the ID tag will carry all of your information (once entered into the Database) and insure his/her speedy & safe return to you!
What is the cost for registration?  $21.95 for registration AND activation.  For life.  No more fees. 

If you are on Facebook, please take a moment to "LIKE" Got Orphans Transport. They will post pictures of all their travelers as they make their journey north. Also, they post many updates regarding whether they are running on time - or if there may be a slight delay, weather and traffic are factors.

 **If you do NOT have a fenced in yard, here is a recommendation for a  Portable Invisible Fence System OR a "Tangle Free Run/Tie Out" that can be purchased on Amazon.com OR at most PETCO stores.
They are NOT required, also just suggestions.
We have provided the links below.
** Portable Invisible Fence**
**Tangle Free Tie Out/Run**

Also you can download The Dog Food Insider-"The Dog Adoption Bible"

If you are interested in a FREE Angels Among Us Animal Rescue car decal - let us know!  

Congratulations again on the adoption of your rescue dog

Please stay in touch ~ don't forget to send us a family picture
We all LOVE to know how our little Angels are fitting in!  


Preparing For Your Angel

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